Below is the planned list of events for the 2017-2018 DC-IFT fiscal year. Please note that dates and locations may be subject to change. Click on the event info link for detailed information.

Food Policy Impact – 2018 (click here)

The Fundamentals of Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses for End Users (click here)
DC-IFT recently sponsored Tufts University to design an online course to better educate scientists on the principles, utility and methodologies of qualitative and quantitative evidence synthesis with a focus on applications of the public health literature.

Viewers will:
1)  Be able to describe the steps of a systematic review.
2)  Understand strengths and limitations of study-level meta-analysis.
3)  Be able to distinguish between clinical and methodological diversity and heterogeneity.
4)  Understand how to explore between-study heterogeneity in a meta-analysis.
5)  Understand the pros and cons of subgroup analyses.
6)  Understand what meta-regression is and why it is useful.
7)  Be able to critique the quality of systematic reviews with or without meta-analyses.