Below is the planned list of events for the 2017-2018 DC-IFT fiscal year. Please note that dates and locations may be subject to change. Click on the event info link for detailed information.

Together We Bake – Jan 9, 2018 (click here)
We are happy to announce that we will be holding a volunteer event with Together We Bake, a workforce training program for women in need of a second chance. The program is centered around a small baking business through which women actively learn and participate in food production, food safety education, and business administration. During the event, we will be helping with labeling and packaging (they make cookies, granola, and other delicious goodies).

Food Policy Impact – Feb 5-6, 2018 (click here)
Keeping abreast of the latest developments in food laws, regulations and policy initiatives is absolutely critical for being compliant and anticipating “that ‘next step.” Conducted yearly, in collaboration with the IFT Food Laws and Regulations Division, FPI is an opportunity to hear from, and network with, officials from the Agency officials, along with leading attorneys and industry leaders.

The Fundamentals of Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses for End Users – Online (click here)
DC-IFT recently sponsored Tufts University to design an online course to better educate scientists on the principles, utility and methodologies of qualitative and quantitative evidence synthesis with a focus on applications of the public health literature.

Viewers will:
1)  Be able to describe the steps of a systematic review.
2)  Understand strengths and limitations of study-level meta-analysis.
3)  Be able to distinguish between clinical and methodological diversity and heterogeneity.
4)  Understand how to explore between-study heterogeneity in a meta-analysis.
5)  Understand the pros and cons of subgroup analyses.
6)  Understand what meta-regression is and why it is useful.
7)  Be able to critique the quality of systematic reviews with or without meta-analyses.